Wireless Cameras at Home

Wondering about snappy new wireless cameras like DropCam or Camio? Are you using a baby monitor at home? The number one hack you need to know about: default passwords. If you've got a camera that connects to a network, or to the Internet, you might be vulnerable if you haven't changed the password from its factory default setting. Write or call (904-469-0299) me to get it fixed.

And a word about Dropcam: after you spend the $200 up front for the device, you'll also need to pay the monthly subscription fee if you want to review the footage when your Dropcam turns on. I want to know what kind of motion triggered the camera! As a free alternative, try Camio, an IOS app that turns your old mobile phone into a security camera. I had an old iPhone 4S around the house and now it's my newest security camera.

Matthew TansComment