Make Technology Work For You

Max Tans is a technology concierge in Jacksonville, Florida specializing in residential and small business IT support. Like a help desk for your home, we are ready with personalized solutions and answers for all your tech questions.

Services & Pricing

We help with all kinds of technology solutions for home and your small business. Some of the most common topics are:

Why is my wi-fi lousy?

Have I been hacked, and how do I recover?

What kind of computer or phone should I buy?

Why is my iPhone always running out of space?

What's the best way to save all my pictures?

We charge per-hour or per-issue and choose what's best for you, the customer. Usually my fee is offset by your savings!


  • Tech help at home - $149 per hour

  • Four-hour bundle of help - $499

  • Personal Tech Concierge - $89 per month

  • Small Business Tech Concierge - $279 per month

  • Small seminars - $19 per person


Great help at home, always easy to reach via e-mail, text or phone. Also I love him.
— Sara Tans, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother -
I recently upgraded the thermostat in my home to a Nest - a sleek, smart, wifi enabled device. Max provided valuable technical expertise and real-time installation guidance during the process. I love my new product; it functions flawlessly and Max was spot on with his professional recommendation! I highly recommend Max and HappyPersonalTech for all of your Smart-Home needs!
— S.M.
Thanks for your amazing technical assistance this morning, Max! You not only solved all of my immediate tech issues, but you also gave me some terrific ideas about ways that I can continue working toward simplifying my life with technology. I can’t wait to continue the conversation and meet with you again next week. :)
— C.V.


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