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Make Technology Work For You

Hi there! I'm a technology concierge in Jacksonville, Florida. Think of me as a help desk for your home, ready with solutions and answers for all your tech questions.


Services & Pricing

I help with all kinds of technology questions at home. Some of the most common topics are: why is my wi-fi lousy? What kind of computer should I buy? Why is my iPhone always running out of space? What's the best way to save all my pictures?

I typically charge per hour or per issue and choose what's best for you, the customer.


  • Tech help at home - $99 per hour

  • Four-hour bundle of help - $349

  • Tech concierge - $39 per month

  • Small seminars - $19 per person


Great help at home, always easy to reach via e-mail, text or phone. Also I love him.
— Sara Tans, Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother
Max solved my MacBook problem in like no time at all. I would hire him again!
— Patrick Marino, Nurse & Father of three
Max saved me so much money with his purchasing advice. I don’t like my cable company and he came up with great alternatives.
— Deanne Franzen, Lawyer & Mother of one


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