Back Up Your Pictures and Contacts! (For Free)

Imagine dropping your phone into the ocean or leaving it in an Uber - what would you miss the most? For me it's the pictures and contact list... Google stores my e-mails so I wouldn't lose those but what about everything else? You need to have the important parts of your phone backed up so replacing the hardware is not a big deal.

In the 'old days' of backups, you probably plugged a portable hard drive in to your computer and copied files. This worked but came with numerous shortfalls: it depended on you performing the backups, left your info vulnerable to loss (fire, dropping the drive, etc.) and didn't help more than your one device.

Now we can use the cloud (any remote computer connected to the Internet) for backups and so much more: we can also use it to synchronize our information across the several devices you probably use: a computer, tablet, phone, etc.

There are several good, free services to use but I recommend picking just one service for synchronizing and backups. Most of my clients have their contacts spread across Apple, Google and their multiple devices and this complicates recoveries and restorations - pick one and don't use the others for backups! And like I wrote above, you'll get your contacts, pictures, notes, etc synchronized across each of your devices. Make a change on your phone and it appears on your tablet and computer at home.

It's easier than this article makes it appear. Call, text or e-mail me when you're ready!

Matthew TansComment