The Modern Way to Purchase a Mobile Phone

If you read my post from two days ago, how Verizon is unbundling service and subsidized phones, you're already past half-way towards understanding the recent changes in purchasing mobile phones. The Washington Post strikes again with another short article on the topic. Buying a phone without subsidies (service providers like Verizon used to carry [pass along] the burden of actually paying for the phone) is about to become the norm. 

Sara and I bought phones from Apple and T-Mobile last year to compare the experience. We paid up front for the full cost of the devices (iPhones start at $649) and subsequently paid less each month for our service. The primary benefit: without being locked in to a contract, we switched carriers for better service and lower prices. Total time: about ten minutes.

The cost was significantly more expensive up front when we bought our phones but we each saved $20 per month, and can sell our devices (See Gazelle, Craigslist or eBay) when we're ready to upgrade. (That WaPo article I linked to in the first paragraph suggests consumers will hold their devices longer now)

Despite the higher initial cost, we're spending less each month, can recoup the cost when we trade or sell, and have the freedom to switch carriers. Consumer friendly.

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Matthew TansComment