Start Using 2-Factor Authentication

Security based on usernames and passwords is not really as secure as you think, and there's a better way to keep the bad guys away: 2-factor authentication. Based on something you have and something you know, you should activate it for each account that offers it. Additionally, make sure you are not reusing the same password at different sites. (You need a password manager like 1Password or LastPass) When a hacker acquires your info, they typically try the username/password at the most popular internet destinations.

Google offers a pair of options for 2-factor authentication: One is to receive a text message with a short code you enter to log on. The other is for you to open an app (Google Authenticator) and read your own code when you want to log on. The extra step is worth the effort to avoid getting hacked!

Finally, with so many people not using advanced authentication, hackers are more likely to move along to a less secure user... You don't need to be the fastest runner from the bear, just not the slowest.

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